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Are you newly engaged and not sure where to begin? Or maybe you’re half way through your planning and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of decisions you need to make? Or are you looking for inspiration for your wedding and need help finding your style?  Join us May 4th from 11am to 2pm at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta for the Wedding Talk. We have a panel of Atlanta’s premiere wedding vendors that will be sharing wedding planning tips, strategies and inspiration to help you create the wedding you have always dreamed about. From the latest trends, to the do’s & don’ts to avoid costly mistakes, we’ll cover it all. So come grab a glass of champagne and yummy treats, sit back and relax while our experts share insider tips that are sure to help make your wedding planning memorable and stress free!JAV_7206


Event Location: 
The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta
181 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Participating Vendors Include:logos-600-px


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Whether held in the Caribbean, Europe or even Australia, I love that a destination wedding translates to a longer, more intimate and ‘upgraded’ celebration, as it often becomes a full-fledged vacation experience for everyone attending. This enables brides and grooms to select exotic locales, private resorts, gourmet restaurants, fabulous entertainment, indulgent activities and much more, keeping their guests comfortable, well-fed, relaxed, entertained, pampered and immersed in quality time with the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Here are a handful of my favorite destination wedding ‘perks’ that have proven to be worth the splurge…
1. Embrace the ‘theme’ of the location to inspire the organized activities. Think: beachside luaus, private pool parties, golf outings, massages within earshot of the seashore, boating trips, s’mores under the stars…

2. Boost the welcome basket bounty. Guests really appreciate a thoughtful arrival surprise, as they find fun and essential gifts such as flip flops in the wedding colors, custom-printed monogrammed labels on water bottles, a rundown of the area (i.e., map, currency, transportation, trusted activities, etc.), indigenous snacks…

3. Step up the details that make a difference with custom-designed elements including invitations, printed table runners, a menu of decadent made-to-order cuisine infused with local flair, a spectacular pièce de résistance wedding cake…palmeri211palmeri232palmeri281

4. Pursue coveted vendors, especially the ever-important photographer. In fact, I encourage couples to fly in their preferred shutterbug to ensure their precious memories are properly documented and preserved for their happily ever after…palmeri190palmeri157

A smaller, more intimate gathering affords hosts and hostesses the opportunity and flexibility to splurge across the board. The possibilities are endless — and effortless for those who put it all in my creative, capable hands.

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One of the coolest colors on the runway is popping up in both bridal and ready to wear this season. Placid Blue is an etheral take on traditional ivory and white for blossoming spring brides. Daywear is less fussy with a feminine monochromatic look. Opt for a breezy wrap skirt, fringe worthy oxford and carefree play skirts during these upcoming warm months.PlacidBlueColorPaletteSpring2-2-2

Give your look an edgy finish by accessorizing with bold-geometric handbags and jewelry in equally soft yet cheerful colors like blush, coral and lavender. Remember, however you wear it, own it!!PlacidBlueColorPaletteSpring-2

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What I love most about a black-and-white wedding is its timelessness – it never goes out of style. It offers understated yet polished elegance and glamour that allow the bride and groom to not only give their event a modern twist but also capture the essence of their personalities in the details.
A black-and-white reception’s versatility opens the door to allow me to truly showcase a couple’s personal flair. That can shine through in the use of patterns, shapes or textures, such as a luxe black rosette overlay contrasted against classic black-and-white striped linens.Sanders_Horton_David_Christensen_Photography_W423


I also enjoy incorporating contemporary elements within the paper trousseau, choosing fonts and monogram styles that can be featured on chair tags, favor labels, menus and much, much more.Invitation-Collage1
Floral and cake designs offer some of the most remarkable and innovative juxtapositions of black and white; a pure white canvas punctuated with striking black touches. Pure sophistication!Sanders_Horton_David_Christensen_Photography_W396


Additionally, a pop of color — whether bright and bold or blush and delicate — gives the classic black-and-white fete a fresh, updated look while infusing a couple’s individuality into their unforgettable celebration.013-Katie-John
I find that putting a modern spin on the traditional black-and-white theme provides unlimited possibilities when working with couples to create the wedding of their dreams.


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Congratulations, You are ENGAGED!! We know you are beyond excited to begin planning your wedding and your new married life. We also know that sometimes it may seem overwhelming when you sit down and start working on the details. Are you staying up late at night with a To Do List in your head? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We are here to help you avoid being overwhelmed and share a few tips that we’ve learned along the way to enjoy a stress free wedding planning experience (and more restful sleep).

1) Keep A Notepad With You At All Times – Most anxiety comes from the concern that you may forget something. When an idea hits you, write it down! And if you are up late at night with a list in your head, you can be assure that once you write it down, your mind will be able to rest easier knowing that you wrote it down and it will be there in the morning.



2) Find Your One Go-To Person  – Note that we recommend One. We know you have a ton of friends but when it comes to planning, we think too many cooks in the kitchen……well, you know!  However, you do need a friend or family member that you can lean on for advice and more importantly, to share in the fun! Wedding planning is a lot of fun but at times, it can be overwhelming with all the decision you have to make. You will get a ton of advice from what seems like everyone and their mom but you need that one special friend or family member that will guide (not push) you. They also know when to help you take a break for a little “me time”.

3) Have Date Nights Away From Wedding Planning – Once the planning starts, there will be times when you’ll feel like the only conversations you have are about the upcoming wedding. Stop! Remember that you are marrying the love of your life and you are going to be together long after the wedding day is done. Invest in some couple time, doing the things you love and make a promise to avoid wedding talk for those few hours. This will give you and your honey time to reconnect.

4) Hire a planner – Ok, so it sounds like a shameless plug, we know! But honestly, wedding planners are like project managers and with so many details, it’s great to have someone experienced to help you navigate through it all. Wedding planners will help you find professional vendors, negotiate contracts, keep you organized and most importantly they save you time and money! An experienced planner is going to research and connect you to other professionals that meet your needs and budget. Thus eliminating unnecessary appointments with vendors that don’t meet your requirements and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

With these few tips, you can begin this exciting process with confidence and make it a stress free experience! Now “LET THE PLANNING BEGIN!”

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