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Beachside Weddings

The beauty of a beachside wedding is the way it evokes an ambiance of tranquility, natural beauty and love at its purest form. This neutral scene allows for the perfect combination of feminine and masculine elements to come together to create the perfect beach wedding setup. The burlap draped chuppah and classic white place settings adorned with starfish compliment the groom’s style. While the golden accents and a clean white floral palette deliver just the right balance of femininity to an ocean blue backdrop. Bold uses of seashells and starfish as embellishments on the cake table, champagne flutes and the gift table give a playful yet elegant nod to the beach theme.NeutralBeachBoard


Using a significant contrast in design elements and color, this scene offers inspiration for the beachside bride that wants a little more glitz!   The use of chandeliers, crystals and pops of seaside color add a special glamour to the beauty of the shore. A reception area draped in soft- billowy fabric serves as a cool yet enchanting entrance/exit for the newlyweds. The dining table designs incorporate soft placid blue chargers underneath seashell-shaped plates to take it up a notch from the traditional white or clear glass option. You can also add a quirky cheerfulness to the overall design by using a mix of turquoise seashells or even starfish topped cupcakes.BoldBeachBoard


For your consideration: Choose flowers that not only compliment your beach theme but that can withstand the humidity of beachside nuptials. Choose flowers with a sturdy stem that can hold more water throughout the ceremony or flowers that are natural to the climate of your destination wedding. Examples of these types of flowers are; Lantana’s, Dahlias, Calla Lilies, Orchids and Succulents. Avoid flowers that cannot stand humid weather conditions such as Lilacs, Tulips, and Hydrangeas.

Consider the wind gusts along the beach and this could affect your ceremony and décor. You may want to utilize surrounding elements like seashells or starfish as table weights to keep your napkins and menu cards anchored. Large wind gust will cause some sand blowing. We suggest including a mini fan for guests to block their faces from the sand and sun. If your beach wedding is casual, offering flip-flops to guest as they arrive will get guest into the mood and are great little favors.

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