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Pinterest wedding ideas, Pinterest wedding, wedding inspiration

One of the most popular searches on Pinterest is “wedding ideas.” As soon as you type that in, hundreds of beautiful photos appear on your phone or browser. Whether you’re just starting to think about your dream wedding or have secretly been planning it for years, Pinterest is a great place to gather inspiration and begin the process. There are many ways you can use Pinterest wedding ideas to help design your wedding. However, it’s important to remember that the app isn’t a substitute for a wedding planner. Read on to learn our best Pinterest wedding tips and when it’s time to put your “pins” in front of a professional. 

What is a Pinterest Wedding? (And Why You Don’t Want One)

This is an article about using Pinterest wedding ideas to plan your wedding, and the first thing I’m going to talk about is why you don’t want a Pinterest wedding. I know it sounds odd, but hear me out. 

A “Pinterest wedding” takes various elements of weddings you’ve pinned on Pinterest and mimics them to bring your wedding to life. Although these types of weddings are no doubt beautiful, they are missing one critical element: YOU. Your wedding should be uniquely yours. A Pinterest wedding may look nice. However, a customized event is much more enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests. 

Another key thing to consider when pinning various weddings on Pinterest is the cost. The weddings that make it to Pinterest are often elaborate, extravagant, and… expensive. Too often, future brides find a breathtaking wedding and set their heart on it without realizing the money and effort it takes to bring such an event to life. Depending on your budget, you may need to be flexible about what you can accommodate. Focus on the key design elements you simply cannot imagine marrying without. That’s why it’s important to focus less on recreating a specific wedding you find on Pinterest. Instead, use the app to inspire you in new ways.

Pinterest wedding ideas, Pinterest wedding, wedding inspiration, wedding mood board

How to Best Use Pinterest Wedding Ideas

Pinning every beautiful wedding you see on Pinterest and asking your wedding pros to recreate it will give you a copycat wedding. Instead, there’s a better way to use Pinterest wedding ideas. It starts by creating a wedding mood board on the app.

What is a Wedding Mood Board?

A mood board is a compilation of images that capture the essence and vibe of your dream wedding. It sets the “mood” using Pinterest wedding ideas that aren’t necessarily pictures of weddings themselves. For example, say you’re looking at interior design inspo and find a living room with the perfect colors–your dream wedding colors! Add the living room picture to your Pinterest wedding board. Or say you want a rustic wedding with antique features. Rather than searching for “rustic weddings ideas” on Pinterest, search for antiques and collectibles. The results will provide a much broader array of ideas that fit the “mood” of your dream wedding. 

Gathering Pinterest Wedding Ideas that Aren’t Weddings

You can find fantastic decor ideas, wedding colors, and floral inspiration in so many different categories other than “weddings.” And it ensures your event will be unique to you and not a copy of what you see on so many other Pinterest wedding boards. Some different ways to search Pinterest wedding ideas that aren’t wedding-related are to search and pin your hobbies, favorite pastime activities, and pictures that resonate with you. You can also search for travel photos, fashion, interior design, and home decor to find images that capture the essence of your dream wedding. 

How to Use Pinterest Wedding Ideas During the Planning Process

Anyone can take Pinterest wedding ideas and recreate them. However, if you want a truly customized experience, you need the help of a detail-oriented wedding planner with a big vision–someone who can take your wedding mood board, filled with living rooms and nature scenes, and create a one-of-a-kind wedding experience. 

Pinterest is not a substitute for a wedding planner. Instead, it is a great place to start dreaming about your wedding, which is one of the first things you should do as a newly engaged couple. Then, when you hire a wedding planner, you can share your ideas, inspiration, and mood board and, together, plan and design a one-of-a-kind wedding.

Plan Your Dream Wedding with Park Avenue Events

Whether you’re recently engaged and are just starting to think about your wedding plans or have been dreaming about your big day for years, we can help. At Park Avenue Events, we offer planning and design services for the couple who is ready to put their Pinterest wedding ideas in the hands of the experts for a one-of-a-kind wedding. We not only help you narrow and define your wedding style, but we take care of all of the logistics too. This includes vendor selection (because you need people to bring your wedding vision to life), time and budget management, custom design, day-of coordination, and so much more. You can learn about all of our wedding planning services here. Then, contact us to inquire about your wedding date!

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Newly Engaged, Newly Engaged Couple, Newly Engaged Checklist, Wedding Planning, Wedding Planner, Atlanta Wedding Planner

If you’re reading this, I believe congratulations are in order! You are now a newly engaged couple, and with that title comes many exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming, responsibilities. The time between your engagement and your wedding is essential, and you want to make sure you don’t miss a single detail. Read on to learn what every newly engaged couple should do right away to get their engagement and wedding planning started on the right foot.

What is the First Thing You Do When You Get Engaged?

When you get engaged, it’s easy to get caught up in the planning and excitement of your big day. But before you start picking out flowers or deciding on the menu, here are a few things you should do first.

1. Celebrate!

Planning your wedding will come soon enough. First and foremost, make sure you spend time celebrating your engagement with your new fiancé! 

2. Announce Your Engagement

When it comes time to share the big news, start with your closest friends and family. Remember that word will spread as soon as you tell a few people about your engagement. Your loved ones won’t be able to keep the fact that you’re a newly engaged couple to themselves. And once you post about it on socials, the whole world gets to know. So if there’s anyone you want to tell personally, rather than seeing it on Facebook, call them first.

3. Insure Your Engagement Ring

If you didn’t insure your engagement ring before the engagement, don’t wait long to do it. It’s easy to get caught up in the celebrations of being a newly engaged couple, but insuring your engagement ring is one of the logistical tasks you should handle promptly. Insurance can cover up to 80% of the total value if something unfortunate happens, like theft or damage due to fire or natural disaster. So keep your beautiful ring safe and protected by getting it insured. 

Newly Engaged, Newly Engaged Couple, Engagement Ring, Wedding Planning

4. Start Dreaming Up Wedding Ideas 

If you’ve been pinning inspiration to a Pinterest wedding board, now is the time to look through all of your favorite ideas and start dreaming about your wedding before the in-depth planning begins. As a newly engaged couple, this is a great time to share your thoughts and hopes for your big day with each other.

5. Take Engagement Photos

If you decide to take engagement photos, you’ll want to do so soon after you get engaged. That way, the excitement of the engagement is still fresh, and you can use the photos in wedding-related communications, like your engagement party invitations. You can either find an engagement photographer or wedding photographer who offers engagement sessions too. 

Make a date out of the day, so your engagement photo session is extra special. Start by having breakfast at your favorite coffee shop, and ask your photographer to meet you there to capture a few pictures. Then, head off to a meaningful spot, like the place where you met or had your first date. Taking pictures as a newly engaged couple in places where your relationship sparked adds something unique to the experience.

Newly Engaged, Just Engagement, Engagement Photo Shoot, Engagement Photos, Engagement Photographer, Wedding Planning Checklist

6. Plan Your Engagement Party

Not every newly engaged couple wants an engagement party, but if you do, now is the time to have it. One of the first decisions to make is what type of engagement party you want. There are many different ways that couples can celebrate their love and commitment. Some people choose to hold an intimate gathering with friends and family, while others prefer a large party with lots of people, especially if the actual wedding will have a limited guest list. Depending on your style, something as simple as wine night with your closest friends or a cookout with your family is a great way to celebrate the engagement. 

However, if your motto is “go big or go home” and you want a curated social event to celebrate your engagement, you can hire an event planner to ensure it is a party to remember. At Park Avenue Events, we not only plan weddings but events surrounding your celebration, too. You can learn more about all of our event planning services here

7. Choose Your Wedding Party

Choosing your wedding party is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your wedding planning process. It is also one of the first big decisions you’ll make as a newly engaged couple. You want to choose people who will be committed to helping out and ensuring things go smoothly on your wedding day. It’s not just about picking friends, relatives, or coworkers–it’s about finding someone willing to give up their time for you when they could be doing anything else that day. 

You’ll want to ask them sooner than later so they can plan ahead. Plus, as soon as the wedding planning begins, you’ll want them by your side to help you pick out your wedding attire, plan your bachelor or bachelorette party, and calm your wedding day nerves.

8. Pick Your Wedding Date

The next big decision for newly engaged couples is picking your wedding date. That way, you can send out Save the Date cards and secure your dream venue. Ever since the chaos of COVID in 2020, wedding vendors and venues require couples to book services well in advance. And to book your venue, you need a wedding date. 

Are you looking for something traditional or quirky? A weekday event with an intimate gathering of family and friends or a larger weekend affair that includes all the bells and whistles? Should it be close to home or a destination wedding far away from the stresses of everyday life? There are so many choices to make. You can learn more about the different types of weddings and how to choose the best option for you here.

9. Decide on a Wedding Budget

Having a budget is an essential part of planning your wedding. The first step to establishing this number is setting expectations with your partner about how much you can afford. Comparing finances and discussing what’s most important to each person leads to better decisions for both parties regarding vendors, food options, and other logistics. Sometimes parents or family members offer to pay for part or all of the wedding. Have a conversation with all relevant parties about how much each is contributing to your wedding before you start in-depth planning.

Engagement, Engaged, Wedding Planning, Wedding Planner, What to do after you get engaged

10. Hire a Wedding Planner

Last but not least, it’s time to hire a wedding planner to make all of your wedding dreams come true. There is still so much to do at this point in the planning process, and a wedding planner can help you with essentially everything. For example, now that you have a wedding budget, your planner can help you allocate funds and ensure you get the best deals on vendors, rentals, and more. Everything from negotiating vendor contracts to managing your budget to helping you find the perfect venue and caterer, the right wedding planner can do it all.

At Park Avenue Events, we offer multiple wedding planning services to meet you exactly where you are in the wedding planning process. If you’re newly engaged and want to start right away, our full-service wedding planning package is ideal for you. If you’re already a few months into the details and realize you need someone with industry knowledge and expertise to bring all of your ideas together, our partial planning and day-of coordination packages provide the right amount of support before and during your wedding. Check out all of our wedding planning packages to find the perfect option for you! Then, contact us so we can learn more about your wedding and start planning your most special day! 

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Types of Weddings, Types of Weddings Size, Types of Weddings Styles, Micro Wedding, Traditional Wedding, Large Wedding, Small Wedding, Modern Wedding, Wedding Planning, Wedding Planner

When it comes to planning your most special day, there are many types of weddings to choose from. At Park Avenue Events, we plan weddings of all shapes and sizes! Here are the most popular wedding types by size, style, venue, and location to help you decide what you want for your wedding day!

Types of Weddings by Size

Wedding size really means the size of your guest list because your guest count determines a lot about your wedding, from your budget to your venue to your cake size and more. Here are the different types of weddings by size and considerations when planning each.

Large Wedding

A large wedding typically means over 150 guests. These expansive celebrations are often seen in African and Indian weddings, where religious and cultural traditions are celebrated over multiple days.

Medium Wedding

A medium-sized wedding typically means between 50-150 guests. According to a study done by The Knot, most U.S. weddings fall into this category, with 130 guests. This number is slowly decreasing, as more couples are choosing intimate wedding atmospheres over larger celebrations.

Types of Weddings, Small Wedding, Micro Wedding, Small Wedding Planner, Micro Wedding Planner

Small Wedding

A small wedding typically means between 30-50 guests. Some people consider small and micro weddings to be the same, and they are similar. However, small weddings tend to include more traditional elements such as a designated wedding venue, a fully catered meal, and more.

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding typically means 30 or fewer guests. In 2020, micro weddings became a popular choice for couples marrying in the midst of the pandemic. However, this intimate, tiny wedding type isn’t going anywhere soon. There is something truly special about having a handful of your favorite people by your side when you get married. A micro wedding also means you can choose unique venues like an Airbnb home or your favorite rooftop restaurant because everyone fits! 

Elopement Wedding

An elopement wedding typically means only the couple. However, this isn’t a hard rule. Nowadays, most elopements aren’t secretive, spur-of-the-moment events. Instead, they are planned months in advance and include many traditional wedding elements on a smaller scale. They also don’t have to include only the couple of the hour. You can elope with a few of your closest friends and family members by your side. 

Micro Wedding, Small Wedding

Small, micro, and elopement weddings increased in popularity when COVID-19 began, but that doesn’t mean they are anything less than spectacular. As the lead planner at Park Avenue Events, I am a part of The Small Wedding Society, where I work as a mentor to ensure even the smallest weddings are planned with excellence.

Types of Weddings by Style

Just because a wedding style is trending doesn’t mean you have to choose it. There are many wedding styles that you can make your own! 

Traditional or Classic Wedding

A traditional wedding is what most people think of when they think of getting married. The bride is in a white ball gown, and the groom, a black tux. There is a wedding party, flower girl, and ring bearer during the processional. The ceremony takes place in a beautiful ballroom or church. The day consists of the ceremony and a reception with a plated dinner for guests to enjoy before toasts, speeches, dances, and all the wedding traditions you can think of. 

Types of Wedding Styles, Classic Wedding, Traditional Wedding, Antique Wedding

Vintage Wedding

A vintage wedding draws inspiration from a past era. Everything from the couple’s wedding attire to the venue to the decorations turns the wedding into a blast from the past with a hint of romance and flair. These celebrations typically use antique furniture as seating arrangements, and the couple may even drive off in an antique car at the end of the night.

Bohemian Wedding

A bohemian wedding takes place outdoors, using nature as its inspiration. These types of weddings are perfect for carefree couples with a touch of a hippy spirit. The wedding attire is free-flowing and adorned with lace features and minute details. The wedding decorations include wildflowers, pampas grass, and light-colored linens for a whimsical look.

Modern Wedding

Modern weddings are sleek, sophisticated, and chic, creating a refined romantic atmosphere. The decor is clean and simple, using fresh, bright colors, geometric lines, and trending floral designs. The one rule about modern weddings is there aren’t any rules. You can break all of the wedding traditions or keep a few that resonate with you. You can choose an indoor or outdoor venue, whichever best sets the tone of your wedding. 

Types of Weddings by Venue 

The two main types of wedding venues are indoor and outdoor venues. The most popular indoor wedding venues are churches, ballrooms, community or banquet halls, and event centers. But there are also some unique indoor options like castles, museums, and wedding venues designed specifically for marriage ceremonies. 

There are also outdoor wedding venues that are designed specifically for weddings. However, when it comes to having your wedding outside, there are many options, from backyard weddings to garden weddings to weddings at state or national parks for an adventurous celebration. There are benefits to both types of venues, and the choice often comes down to location, size, style, price, and time of year because of the weather.

Types of Wedding Venues, Indoor Wedding Venue, Outdoor Wedding Venue

Types of Weddings by Location

The two main types of wedding locations are local and destination weddings. A local wedding takes place in or near the city where you live and utilizes local vendors to create the wedding of your dreams. A destination wedding can take place anywhere, from a tropical island to a popular destination in the state where you live. 

Park Avenue Events Plans All Types of Weddings

Choosing the type of wedding you want is an exciting decision. When doing so, think about everything from how many guests you want to invite to the time of year you want to get married to the style you like the most. And don’t forget to hire a wedding planner early on in the planning process to make your dream wedding come true. 

At Park Avenue Events, we love planning all types of weddings and have experience with everything from elopements to large traditional weddings to vintage weddings and more. You can view the galleries of our past weddings and events here. Then contact us today so we can learn more about the type of wedding you want and share how we can make it happen.

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Destination wedding planning, destination wedding planning tips, destination wedding planner, Georgia wedding planner, Atlanta wedding planner

When you think about a destination wedding, does your mind automatically picture some tropical paradise outside of the United States? Maybe you envision a Caribbean beach or an island of the Bahamas. These are beautiful locations for a destination wedding, but not all destinations have to be out of the country, or tropical for that matter. A destination wedding simply means a wedding in a couple’s dream location, however close to or far from home that is. At Park Avenue Events, couples use our destination wedding planning services for Georgia weddings, out-of-state weddings, and out-of-country weddings. Read on for our best destination wedding planning tips!

What is a Destination Wedding? 

A destination wedding simply means a ceremony that takes place miles away from your home. It doesn’t necessarily mean an out-of-state or out-of-country destination, although it can. Destination weddings typically take place in beautiful, famous, or non-traditional locations, like Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, GA (pictured throughout this blog post), Lake Tahoe in sunny California, or the sandy beaches of Mexico.

Choosing to have a destination wedding is a big decision because it changes the type of wedding you have. For example, suppose you’re local to Georgia and want a large wedding with all of your friends and family in attendance. Yet, you still want that destination wedding experience. In that case, you can choose an in-state destination venue. If you are ok with a smaller guest list and want to get out of state without leaving the country, select a destination that friends and family can quickly fly or drive to. If you don’t mind an intimate ceremony with only a few of your closest friends and family who will make an out-of-country trip, you can choose your ideal location anywhere in the world.

7 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Destination wedding planning takes a lot of time and dedication. Use these seven tips to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. 

1. Hire a Destination Wedding Planner 

Regardless of the type of destination wedding you want, you need to hire a wedding planner who knows all about planning weddings in various locations. Destination weddings take detailed planning and coordination, especially when they aren’t close to home. Having a wedding planner by your side from the start will make the entire process go smoothly. 

2. Visit the Location if You Can

If you’ve never been to your dream destination wedding location, you should plan a trip to visit before you decide to have your wedding there. Of course, this may not always be possible, but it is good to know more about the surrounding area before you and all your guests arrive for the first time.

3. Consider the Time of Year and Weather in Your Location 

This is especially important if you choose to have your wedding in a different country. For example, summer in the US is actually winter in Australia. So if you want a warm-weather wedding in AUS, you’d need to plan it for December, January, or February.

Additionally, even if you stay in the country, keep in mind that popular destinations are popular for a reason and are often tourist-heavy sites. If you want a more laid-back wedding, consider planning it during the “off-season” for your specific location.

4. Get Wedding Insurance 

Wedding insurance is vital regardless of your type of wedding, but it is essential for destination weddings. 2020 clearly showed couples and wedding vendors alike the importance of protecting their investment should something unpredictable happen. When it comes to buying flights and securing lodging in an unfamiliar state or country, insurance becomes even more important. When searching for the best wedding insurance option, make sure to verify whether or not they cover destination-related circumstances. That way you’re fully protected. 

Destination wedding planning, destination wedding planning tips, destination wedding planner, Georgia wedding planner, Atlanta wedding planner

5. Choose Your Vendors Wisely

Your vendors play a key role in bringing your wedding vision to life. While some wedding vendors, like photographers and videographers, travel for destination weddings, others require you to book them in the state (or country) where they’re located. Fortunately, a destination wedding planner can help you find the best vendors in any location. Rather than getting online and booking whoever pops up first, your wedding planner can help you interview and choose the right vendors for you. 

6. Consider Your Guest List 

Often, deciding whether or not to have a destination wedding comes down to the guest list. The truth is 200 guests aren’t going to be able to travel to attend your wedding, no matter how much you mean to them! Keep this in mind when choosing your destination. If you simply cannot imagine getting married without all of your friends and family by your side, opt for an in-state destination wedding, where minimal travel is required. 

However, there are ways to include everyone in the celebration of your marriage, even if you have your wedding in a different country or state. You can plan other wedding-related celebrations before you leave for the ceremony or when you get back. Additionally, you can set up a live video stream so folks back home can watch you marry the love of your life, even if they aren’t with you in person.

Destination wedding planning, destination wedding planning tips, destination wedding planner, Georgia wedding planner, Atlanta wedding planner

7. Give Guests All the Information They Need  

A destination wedding is a new experience for you and your guests. That means they will likely have many questions about the logistics of your wedding and the days surrounding it, from flight information to lodging specifics to transportation. Be as transparent as possible about guest requirements and expectations to make their experience spectacular. 

For example, is the flight their financial responsibility? What about accommodations? Will you provide transportation to and from the wedding venue, or does your wedding occur at an all-inclusive resort? Are you planning to have a welcome party the day before your wedding or a send-off brunch the day after? These details are crucial. They determine everything from the flights your guests book to the clothes they pack to their experiences while celebrating with you. 

The easiest way to provide all of the information is to include it on your wedding website. That way, instead of each guest texting and calling you with questions, they can find what they need in one place. 

Destination Wedding Planning Made Easy with Park Avenue Events

Planning a destination wedding–no matter how far or close to home–takes a lot of work, but it is always worth it in the end. However, we definitely recommend couples have all the support they can get during the destination wedding planning process. Everything from coordinating with vendors in your desired location to shipping things ahead of time and ensuring they get where they’re supposed to go to navigating guest needs on top of your own is made so much easier with an expert planner by your side.
Whether you want to get married in Georgia or somewhere far, far away, Park Avenue Events has the destination wedding planning services you need for a spectacular celebration. Let’s talk more about your dream wedding and how I can help you bring it to life. Contact me today!

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Your wedding is one of the most important, special, memorable days of your life. However, couples say that planning this wonderful day is one of the most stressful things they’ve done. In fact, 40% of couples from one survey found wedding planning to be “extremely stressful,” while over 70% found it more nerve-racking than significant life events like buying a home. Yes, planning a wedding takes time, energy, and dedication. However, you don’t have to do it all alone. Hiring an Atlanta wedding planner is a sure way to enjoy the wedding planning process with less stress.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Atlanta Wedding Planner

While stressing less sounds great, it’s essential to understand how a wedding planner takes weight and responsibility off your shoulders. After all, hiring a wedding planner is an investment, and you want to ensure it’s worth your money. Here are the five main benefits of hiring an Atlanta wedding planner and how to find the right planner for you! 

1. You Save SO Much Time

Wedding planning is a full-time job. But planning the most special day of your life shouldn’t be something you squeeze in when you have time. And you shouldn’t have to fall behind on your full-time job or other commitments just to plan your wedding. Instead, hire an Atlanta wedding planner whose full-time job is your wedding. It saves you time, and you can confidently go about your day knowing someone’s time and attention is dedicated to your wedding. 

2. Your Wedding Budget Goes Further

One of the main reasons couples hesitate to hire a wedding planner in Atlanta is the cost. Yes, hiring a planner costs money. However, not hiring one might cost you more.

An experienced wedding planner has been around the block a few times. With this experience comes industry knowledge that saves you money. Sticking to your wedding budget is essential. However, when it comes to your dream wedding, you may be tempted to go overboard. An experienced planner can help you create a realistic budget and find high-quality vendors within your price range. Additionally, they can help you prevent common mistakes that can cost you thousands, like undertaking an unnecessary DIY project or buying things you just don’t need to bring your dream day to life. 

Atlanta wedding planner, wedding planner in Atlanta

3. You Get Access to the Best Atlanta Wedding Vendors 

Wedding vendors know each other. They know who is on top of their game, who takes forever to return calls and emails, and who provides the highest quality work for the best price. Google can only tell you so much, but an Atlanta wedding planner has the inside scoop. With this knowledge, you’ll save yourself time and money by not spending hours researching vendors only to choose one that wasn’t right for you. Plus, a wedding planner can pass industry discounts on to you, saving you even more money on your wedding. 

At Park Avenue Events, we work with some of the best Atlanta wedding vendors and venues around and help you choose the best ones for your event. Some great Atlanta wedding venues we love working with include: Four Seasons Atlanta, The St. Regis Atlanta, Intercontinental Buckhead Atlanta, The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta, and Old Edwards Inn

4. You Don’t Have to Learn the Wedding Industry 

It takes planners years to learn the ins and outs of the wedding industry. And then, something like the COVID-19 pandemic comes along and changes everything we worked years to learn. Fortunately, with the right Atlanta wedding planner by your side, you don’t have to worry about learning the industry’s old tricks and new trades. All you have to concern yourself with is dreaming up the perfect wedding. We take care of the rest, especially when it comes to planning weddings during COVID.

5. You Get to Focus on the Fun Stuff 

Not that negotiating contracts, scheduling vendors, and attending countless meetings isn’t fun… ok, so it’s not the most thrilling. But it’s what wedding planners love to do (and are great at doing) on behalf of our clients. Plus, with a planner handling all of the logistics, you get to focus on the more fun aspects of your wedding, like choosing your wedding attire and spending time with friends and family. While you’re still involved in all the little details, the stress and worry of getting them done in time isn’t on your shoulders. 

Atlanta wedding planner, wedding planner in Atlanta

Find the Best Atlanta Wedding Planner for You

While we may have convinced you that hiring an Atlanta wedding planner is a great idea, now it’s time to find the best one. Of course, at Park Avenue Events, we’d love to discuss your dream wedding and see if we’re a good fit for you. Chemistry with your wedding planner is vital. After all, you will be spending a lot of time together, communicating frequently, and entrusting your planner with the most special day of your life. Learn more about Park Avenue Events, and then contact us today so we can get to know each other better and discuss the next steps for planning your wedding!

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