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We had the honor of planning the beautiful union of Chakeeta and Serome and the day came together beautifully!Chakeeta-and-Serome-Portraits-114


Chakeeta and Serome opted for a “First Look” before the ceremony and with the help of Sophia Barrett Studios, staged a playful (although a little rainy) meeting in midtown near the Federal Reserve Building.Chakeeta-and-Serome-Portraits-45Chakeeta-and-Serome-Portraits-70


The April showers didn’t dampen their spirits as they exchanged vows among their closest family and friends at the Defoor Center. Chakeeta and Serome’s wedding color palette of eggplant, teal and gold made a grand statement in the venue. They chose purple up-lighting for a dramatic effect and Stylish Stems provided floral décor with lots of glitz to create a very high style look.Chakeeta-and-Serome-Ceremony-65Chakeeta-and-Serome-Details-43Chakeeta-and-Serome-Details-36Chakeeta-and-Serome-Details-49


Once the ceremony was over and the introductions were complete, DJ Tron of Urban Legend had the guests on their feet and working up an appetite on the dance floor! Soon the gourmet dinner of Tuscan stuff chicken or Black and White sesame crusted salmon were served and they were delicious! Of course, no wedding would be complete without a wedding cake and Perfect Wedding Cake did not disappoint with a cake that was both stunning as well as delectable!Chakeeta-and-Serome-Reception-183Chakeeta-and-Serome-Reception-177Chakeeta-and-Serome-Reception-157


These beautiful images are courtesy of Sophia Barrett Studios. Congratulations Chakeeta and Serome!

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Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Aria Zambataro, Director of Client Relations at Beauty Bar of Buckhead. With her background as a make-up artist for over 14 years, she has had the opportunity to make women feel empowered, confident, and beautiful from the inside out which gives her a bird’s eye perspective on what it takes to create the perfect wedding day look. We wanted to share some of her tips and reasons why hiring a professional make-up artist and hairstylist is important!Makeup-Collage1


DIY- Why You Shouldn’t: With the trend of youtube make-up tutorials, women are feeling more comfortable with personal make-up application. However, there is a vast difference from applying day to day make-up versus application for a special event, particularly a “once in a lifetime” celebration. Although the wedding day make-up may appear very natural, there is a lot of preparation to give the appearance of a “blushing bride”. Working with an expert, one can achieve a natural look more efficiently and effortlessly. In addition, some women might think that the usual day-to-day look will suffice for the camera. It is a well-known industry fact that more make-up (in particular areas, such as the eyes, lips and cheeks) is needed for pictures so that the bride and her bridesmaids refrain from looking washed-out.IMG_6069-copy


Photography- Editing is costly: Another aspect to consider is the lengthy and costly chore of photography editing. Having a seasoned hair & makeup artist on hand, there will be far less editing required, as the artist has a knack for concealing blemishes, birthmarks, scars, etc. that the bride and/or bridesmaids will surely want to mask. Not only will concealing properly from the beginning save time and money, it will also provide the woman a “peace of mind” as she will be more confident in her appearance.IMG_6078-copy


Cohesive Look: Maintaining a cohesive look among the bride and bridesmaids is key! Leaving each woman to her own creative hair and make-up licenses is a recipe for disaster! Just as the bride carefully chooses both she and her bridesmaids’ dresses so that they ever-so-gracefully glide amongst one another, she too must take into consideration that both the hair and make-up looks are meticulously on point. Reflecting a clean, classic and polished look will be acknowledged and appreciated by everyone on her special day as well as for years to come.Wedding-Talk-89-of-123


Peace of Mind: And, lastly, Brides! Let’s not forget that this is YOUR day!!! YOUR day to be the “belle of the ball”, YOUR day to be a stress-free queen, YOUR day to enjoy essential time with your family, dearest friends and soon-to-be hubby! Why not have your cake and eat it too!?

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Greece is the perfect spot for honeymooners looking for just the right mix of sun, amazing food and luxury accommodations. This picturesque country is every bit as beautiful as you’ve seen in the magazines with its pristine white houses and blue roof tops nestled in the hills overlooking tranquil blue waterscapes. Whether you decide to just visit one island such as Santorini or Mykonos or island hop, you will not be disappointed with all this country has to offer.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece is photographed at the perfect time of night.  Taken by architectural photographer Chris Hamilton.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece is photographed at the perfect time of night. Taken by architectural photographer Chris Hamilton.

Greece boasts of plethora of historical sites that are must-sees! Here are a few favorites: Athens – The capital city, also known for the Parthenon. Ithaca – Home of the Greek poet Homer’s famous Odysseus Olympia – Site of the original Olympic Games Take note that Greece’s Mediterranean climate equates to hot summers. I recommend that you enjoy the mild weather months, which are May-June and September-October. Also, be mindful July and August attract the most tourists so travel rates and prices on the islands tend to go up.Food


FOODIE ALERT: Greek cuisine is divine! I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy the decadent Mediterranean dishes with their bountiful fresh seafood and produce. Here are just a few mouthwatering pictures of the dishes that I enjoyed while vacationing there.Food3Food2


Luxurious accommodations in Greece for your honeymoon are numerous. I suggest starting with a price point for your nightly stay and go from there to see the many choices you can have. Below is a picture of the St. John’s Resort on the island of Mykonos when I vacationed there. It was gorgeous!IMG_3840IMG_3930-copy


My Recommended DO’s:

– Rent a car while in Greece. While the shops and restaurants on the islands may stay open late, there are a limited number of taxis on some of the island.It’s always best to have a backup plan after some late night shopping or partying.

– Do bring lots of Euros for spending money. There are so many great shops, you won’t be disappointed!

– Wear comfortable shoes. There is lots to do and see in Greece and the country tends to be rocky, even some of the beaches.

– Sample the local cuisine. There are so many great dishes, you will love it!

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The beauty of a beachside wedding is the way it evokes an ambiance of tranquility, natural beauty and love at its purest form. This neutral scene allows for the perfect combination of feminine and masculine elements to come together to create the perfect beach wedding setup. The burlap draped chuppah and classic white place settings adorned with starfish compliment the groom’s style. While the golden accents and a clean white floral palette deliver just the right balance of femininity to an ocean blue backdrop. Bold uses of seashells and starfish as embellishments on the cake table, champagne flutes and the gift table give a playful yet elegant nod to the beach theme.NeutralBeachBoard


Using a significant contrast in design elements and color, this scene offers inspiration for the beachside bride that wants a little more glitz!   The use of chandeliers, crystals and pops of seaside color add a special glamour to the beauty of the shore. A reception area draped in soft- billowy fabric serves as a cool yet enchanting entrance/exit for the newlyweds. The dining table designs incorporate soft placid blue chargers underneath seashell-shaped plates to take it up a notch from the traditional white or clear glass option. You can also add a quirky cheerfulness to the overall design by using a mix of turquoise seashells or even starfish topped cupcakes.BoldBeachBoard


For your consideration: Choose flowers that not only compliment your beach theme but that can withstand the humidity of beachside nuptials. Choose flowers with a sturdy stem that can hold more water throughout the ceremony or flowers that are natural to the climate of your destination wedding. Examples of these types of flowers are; Lantana’s, Dahlias, Calla Lilies, Orchids and Succulents. Avoid flowers that cannot stand humid weather conditions such as Lilacs, Tulips, and Hydrangeas.

Consider the wind gusts along the beach and this could affect your ceremony and décor. You may want to utilize surrounding elements like seashells or starfish as table weights to keep your napkins and menu cards anchored. Large wind gust will cause some sand blowing. We suggest including a mini fan for guests to block their faces from the sand and sun. If your beach wedding is casual, offering flip-flops to guest as they arrive will get guest into the mood and are great little favors.

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Finding the perfect engagement ring can be challenging for a guy hoping to put a twinkle in the eyes of his future fiancée. With the stress of planning the perfect proposal, he probably has a million questions running through his mind. “Does she want minimal bling or something over-the-top?” “Will she always love a colored gemstone?” “Does she prefer gold or platinum?” “Should I select a Princess or Heart-shaped stone setting?” While it may be traditional for the man to choose, and pay for the engagement ring, modern brides often tell their fiancée exactly what they want, leaving little room for deviation. However some brides are happy no matter what their guy chooses.  If he needs a little more steering, here’s some inspiration to get your man started in the right direction!

Guys, here are a few tips: It is important to incorporate her style and personality into her ring. If you aren’t sure what that is, you may want to incorporate help from a friend of hers. You can also add special touches to the ring such as selecting a gemstone that’s the color of the dress she wore on your first date or designing a band that resembles the flowers you gave her on your first Valentine’s Day together. Maybe you want to make it personal and engrave a message for her inside the band.

Ladies: He will respond to your feedback so don’t be shy, vocalize what you want in your engagement ring and if he is going overboard, gently reel him in closer to your vision. Remember, it’s yours for life, get what you want but be considerate of his input and of course his pockets! If your guy surprises you with a ring, be open to it even if you don’t love it and look forward to customization over the years to come!Rings1

If Your guy is planning to go over-the-top, here is a great place to start. A large centered stone always grabs the eye especially a yellow pear-shaped diamond underneath a white pear-shaped diamond like this beauty from Cartier.Rings2Eccentric –chic maybe?? This art-deco round floral rose gold engagement ring with a white diamond band is boldly you! If you prefer a subtle rose gold approach this double halo Tiffany Soleste is the epitome of modern timelessness.Ring-3The road to marriage can sometimes be a windy one. Symbolize those curves and the beauty at the end of the road with a twisted band and stunning rounded centered stone by Mark Schneider.Rings-4Just because you’re a flower child (like me) or a boho-earthy chick doesn’t mean you can’t turn up the bling with this floral banded ring by Mark Schneider which is a huge trend this summer (also shown with wedding band). Love it!Ring-5A Girly girl likes to get literal! If you’re into hearts, push him in the direction of a heart shaped stone! Incorporate a pop of color and a little mixed metal from in your ring like this one by Langerman Diamonds. For some brides, classic is better and nothing is more classic than this amazing Tiffany Soleste Heart diamond engagement ring! Good Luck and Happy Engaging!!

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