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Engagement Season… Love is in the Air

While many of us are enjoying the festivities of the holiday season, some lucky individuals are receiving a little something extra to make their season bright … aka an engagement ring! Although, not commonly known, Thanksgiving is the #1 holiday for engagements followed by Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day. This is what we wedding pros like to call Engagement Season and it’s such a wonderful time of the year! While we know it can be nerve racking for the guys out there, we thought we’d pass along a few pointers to help the gentlemen make that proposal extra special.

· Get the right ring – Now that you’ve made up your mind to ask your special lady for her hand in marriage, make sure you get the perfect ring that is right for her. If in doubt, ask for help from her best friend, mother or another important females in her life. OR if you’re creative enough (it’s ok if you are not) you can design one on your own. She will love that you put a lot of thought into it! After you’ve decided on the style of the perfect ring, be sure to go to a reputable jeweler.engagement-ring-trends-2013


· Ask Her Parents — We understand that some people aren’t what we would describe as traditional but if your girlfriend is, we recommend asking her father for her hand in marriage. Even if she isn’t, there is just something incredibly sweet about this tradition. If her father is deceased ask her mother or another father figure. She will definitely be impressed with your efforts.

· Personalize the Proposal – We’ve seen many great proposals on the Internet, but you will need to determine what is right for your lady. Would she prefer it to be at home with a quiet dinner, just the two of you or more public with a little extra wow factor? Do you want to surprise her? Why not host a secret proposal party with both families and closest friends? Or does she have a favorite pet? You could tie the ring around the neck of her furry loved one and coax it to over at just the right moment. Whatever you do, personalizing the proposal will get you brownie points for years to come.Pet-Proposal


· Capture this moment – Do hire a professional photographer or videographer to capture this special moment! Don’t leave this special moment up to just her memory. She will love that she can go back and look at this special moment over and over again.

· And Lastly DO get down on one knee. Yes, we said it! There is just something about this gesture that makes the proposal complete.Hawaii-Beach-Proposal-3-1


Still not sure what to do and you need a little extra help planning that perfect proposal, let us help you! Park Avenue can help you create the perfect moment, just give us a call.

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