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Engagement Session – Kimberly and Ralph

We are so excited for our beautiful couple, Kimberly and Ralph. They had a fabulous engagement session with their wedding photographer Livingston Jaxon of Jaxon Photography.RC14E3571


We always tell our couples to incorporate things they love in their engagement session and have fun. That is just what Kimberly and Ralph did in these gorgeous images! This energetic and fun loving couple enjoyed one of their favorite past times – playing golf and Jaxon Photography captured it beautifully. After an exciting round of golf; the couple opted to change their attire and have a more sophisticated photo shoot at Stone Mountain.RC14E3548RC14E3523RC14E3511RC14E3561CollageRC14E3593


The couple’s ceremony will be hosted at the Fairfield Baptist Church in Lithonia this coming Saturday. Followed by a beautiful dinner with friends and family. After dinner is complete, they will head over to Stone Mountain for an exciting after party. We can’t wait to show you details! Stay Tuned!

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