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Hester Parks

Hester - AboutTrust, tranquility and inspired, personal touches – these are the essential elements I provide my clients in order to create the wedding of their dreams.

What began more than a decade ago as an effort to channel my creativity in a helpful way by planning friends’ weddings led me to an even bigger picture – event planning is, in fact, my passion. That passion drives my profession, allowing me to do what I love. I have spent the last nine years orchestrating distinctively beautiful weddings and, most importantly, keeping brides and grooms relaxed and enjoying their big day and every single moment leading up to it.

My inspiration is derived from visiting places around the globe, flipping through magazines, watching people, diving into television and from a deep desire to please others. I am truly invested in delivering all that the heart desires, and I work tirelessly to ensure those dreams become reality. I love exploring an engaged couple’s style, discovering what is important for them to have on their wedding day, sharing clever ways to personalize their once-in-a-lifetime event and executing it all to perfection.

That perfection includes a comfort within their economic means as well. My Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, Master’s Degree in Business Administration and more than 19 years employed in corporate finance give me a unique perspective about working within financial constraints and making sure every detail is attended to. This equates to the most calm and pleasant planning process for everyone.