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Interview with An Expert : Beauty Bar of Buckhead

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Aria Zambataro, Director of Client Relations at Beauty Bar of Buckhead. With her background as a make-up artist for over 14 years, she has had the opportunity to make women feel empowered, confident, and beautiful from the inside out which gives her a bird’s eye perspective on what it takes to create the perfect wedding day look. We wanted to share some of her tips and reasons why hiring a professional make-up artist and hairstylist is important!Makeup-Collage1


DIY- Why You Shouldn’t: With the trend of youtube make-up tutorials, women are feeling more comfortable with personal make-up application. However, there is a vast difference from applying day to day make-up versus application for a special event, particularly a “once in a lifetime” celebration. Although the wedding day make-up may appear very natural, there is a lot of preparation to give the appearance of a “blushing bride”. Working with an expert, one can achieve a natural look more efficiently and effortlessly. In addition, some women might think that the usual day-to-day look will suffice for the camera. It is a well-known industry fact that more make-up (in particular areas, such as the eyes, lips and cheeks) is needed for pictures so that the bride and her bridesmaids refrain from looking washed-out.IMG_6069-copy


Photography- Editing is costly: Another aspect to consider is the lengthy and costly chore of photography editing. Having a seasoned hair & makeup artist on hand, there will be far less editing required, as the artist has a knack for concealing blemishes, birthmarks, scars, etc. that the bride and/or bridesmaids will surely want to mask. Not only will concealing properly from the beginning save time and money, it will also provide the woman a “peace of mind” as she will be more confident in her appearance.IMG_6078-copy


Cohesive Look: Maintaining a cohesive look among the bride and bridesmaids is key! Leaving each woman to her own creative hair and make-up licenses is a recipe for disaster! Just as the bride carefully chooses both she and her bridesmaids’ dresses so that they ever-so-gracefully glide amongst one another, she too must take into consideration that both the hair and make-up looks are meticulously on point. Reflecting a clean, classic and polished look will be acknowledged and appreciated by everyone on her special day as well as for years to come.Wedding-Talk-89-of-123


Peace of Mind: And, lastly, Brides! Let’s not forget that this is YOUR day!!! YOUR day to be the “belle of the ball”, YOUR day to be a stress-free queen, YOUR day to enjoy essential time with your family, dearest friends and soon-to-be hubby! Why not have your cake and eat it too!?

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