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Modern Twist on a Classic Black and White Wedding

What I love most about a black-and-white wedding is its timelessness – it never goes out of style. It offers understated yet polished elegance and glamour that allow the bride and groom to not only give their event a modern twist but also capture the essence of their personalities in the details.
A black-and-white reception’s versatility opens the door to allow me to truly showcase a couple’s personal flair. That can shine through in the use of patterns, shapes or textures, such as a luxe black rosette overlay contrasted against classic black-and-white striped linens.Sanders_Horton_David_Christensen_Photography_W423


I also enjoy incorporating contemporary elements within the paper trousseau, choosing fonts and monogram styles that can be featured on chair tags, favor labels, menus and much, much more.Invitation-Collage1
Floral and cake designs offer some of the most remarkable and innovative juxtapositions of black and white; a pure white canvas punctuated with striking black touches. Pure sophistication!Sanders_Horton_David_Christensen_Photography_W396


Additionally, a pop of color — whether bright and bold or blush and delicate — gives the classic black-and-white fete a fresh, updated look while infusing a couple’s individuality into their unforgettable celebration.013-Katie-John
I find that putting a modern spin on the traditional black-and-white theme provides unlimited possibilities when working with couples to create the wedding of their dreams.


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