Let’s start with a simple question, “How are you doing?”

There was a time when we could politely ask and expect an incidental “fine” reply but times have changed. In the blink of an eye, life as we knew it has been forever altered and we are now in uncharted territory. The simple pleasures of a night out at a restaurant, grocery shopping or even visits to grandparents’ house are now either restricted or well planned activities with guidelines we must follow to keep each other safe. Quarantine is no longer just in the movies but rather an everyday part of life. And every greeting carries meaning. So honestly, “How are you doing?” We hope you are holding up well.

At Park Ave, although we have had to make adjustments, we are still planning various occasions and modifying others. We are moving meetings and events in anticipation of what may be an extended period of time especially considering changing city and state updates regarding quarantine and stay-home restrictions.

Prior to the onset of this epidemic, one of my brides had scheduled a gown fitting for the end of March to align with her busy work schedule that included a lot of travel. The gown was being made by a local seamstress. When rumblings started about COVID-19 and companies began to caution travel, I immediately reached out to my bride and the seamstress to see if there was any way to move that appointment up. I just had a feeling. Whether you believe in luck or grace, we were able to get the bride measured and bridal gown materials ordered and RECEIVED from New York prior to the store having to close due to the pandemic. Our joy came in the form of smiles on the face of the bride.

Right now, we are busy moving corporate and non-profit events to later dates and so grateful that our corporate partners are postponing rather than canceling. Some of our nonprofit clients are opting for online auctions. Sidenote: We manage those too! We are monitoring proceeds from these online auctions and keeping our clients informed. Clients, in turn, are able to directly communicate with their supporters the goal and how close they are to reaching the goal.

Additionally, we still have a few dates open for fall 2020 and early 2021 brides. Together, with our trusted vendor partners – who are all rock stars by the way – we are here to help you make your dreams come true whether you are rescheduling, renewing or replacing prior plans. We’re here for you!

If we can help from the comforts of our home we’d love to help save your event.

xoxo Hester

Wedding Event Planner Based in Atlanta But Available Worldwide